Hut-circle/burnt mound…?

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Hut-circle/burnt mound…?

We’re drawing to a close with our week-long excavations at the Baillie Hill excavations. It’s been an interesting week, and really instructive, full of unexpected results!

Our hut-circle has turned out to be more than meets the eye. We’re now pretty confident that the building has re-used the site of an earlier burnt mound, digging the shattered stone and burnt soil that is typically found on one of these sites and using it as core material of the roundhouse. So, our site is both a burnt mound and a hut-circle- two Bronze Age sites in one!

Unfortunately we have very few artefacts to report- the site seems to have been kept very clean and tidy, not good for archaeologists! Most of the week has been spent determining which features might belong to the burnt mound, and which are part of the later structure; the challenge for our post-excavation analysis will be in identifying good samples to date each phase…

Today, Gemma and Paul excavated a deep pit within the house, which seems to have been clay lined, while Roy, Terry and Anna excavated post holes and other features within the building, which may be the remains of structural supports for the roof. Roland investigated the entrance, finding that the bank was lined with a kerb of set stones and a flagstone paving, underneath which was a drain slot, cut into the natural subsoil and probably designed to soak water away from the entrance.

There has been lots of recording to do as usual, and Muriel and Vanessa drew the sections through the roundhouse, recording the layers that had been excavated.

Tomorrow, our job is to undo all of our hard work and fill the trenches back in!

Muriel and Vanessa recording the sections

Muriel and Vanessa recording the sections

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  1. Paul
    7th October 2015

    If nothing else, the excavation has prompted me to indulge in a considerable amount of speculation regarding the initial observations and interpretation. I do not propose to air them hear but I did need to invent a new word to mean the opposite of insightful. I note that un-insightful has been suggested in the Thesaurus however in my view outsightful would seem to serve admirably and is particularly apposite to describe my own idle speculations.


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